Drug Addiction Rehab in Niagara Falls, NY

Inpatient drug rehab in Niagara Falls offers professional guidance and support for patients who are struggling with a serious drug addiction. It is usually recommended for first-time participants in drug detoxification as well as for individuals who have been using drugs for an extremely long time.

As the body becomes highly dependent on drug usage, the likelihood of experiencing terrible side effects during the detox period intensifies. Fortunately, professional help and monitoring is available at an inpatient rehab program, providing a safe and secure environment for this process.

The reality is simple -- admission into an inpatient drug rehab facility is usually needed in order to put an end to the hold that drug addiction has on a person. No one should go through this process alone or at home. It requires the supervision that only trained professionals can provide.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is the short way of saying drug rehabilitation. It is the term used to identify the type of treatment required to break a patient's addictive tendencies and dependence on drugs. The primary purpose of inpatient drug rehab in Niagara Falls is to guide patients to recovery by helping them to clear their body of the drugs they have been taking.

Although this process typically takes about a week initially, it is a difficult one. Relapsing into previous bad habits is highly likely, and admission into a reputable, professionally run inpatient rehab program provides the greatest opportunity for rehabilitation and successful detoxification.

During our process of medical detox in Niagara Falls, patients must be supervised to ensure their safety and emotional well-being. It is also designed to aid in the healing process through a variety of therapeutic endeavors, including individual and group counseling. In some cases as with severe drug addiction, medication prescribed by a licensed physician is required to alleviate some of the more unpleasant side effects that accompany withdrawal from drugs. While in the detox process, patients receive everything they need to make them more comfortable, including counseling and peer support.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Entrance into an inpatient rehab program is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is a serious commitment, and it could save your life or the life of a friend or family member. If you suspect substance abuse has turned into full-blown addiction, it is time to think about inpatient drug rehab in Niagara Falls. The reliance on drugs often distorts a patient's view of the world, making it difficult to realize that a problem exists. This may even result from a concurrent mental disorder which we also treat with our dual diagnosis in Niagara Falls. Nonetheless, it is possible to guide this individual toward the recovery process once this realization occurs.

Some of the symptoms that suggest it is time to gain admission into an inpatient drug rehab facility either for yourself or for someone you love include:

  • Sneaking off unexpectedly and returning shortly thereafter
  • Excessive sleepiness or fatigue
  • Acting reclusively and, in particular, avoiding social interaction with family
  • Apathetic performance in school, at home, or at work
  • Depression, particularly if depressive comments are made frequently
  • Disheveled appearance
  • Unexplainable mood swings or anger
  • Forgetfulness, particularly when it involves special events such as birthdays

Why Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab in Niagara Falls?

Individuals who are in the grasp of a drug addiction almost always need professional help to get out of it. The chronic nature of drug addiction makes it extremely difficult to manage, particularly if the patient does not enter into an inpatient rehab program. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends taking a comprehensive approach to manage the detoxification process and rehabilitation because this type of chronic condition necessitates professional 24/7 monitoring of patients' health to ensure their safety.

Our treatment programs in Niagara Falls cover every aspect of the addiction, not only including the body's reliance on the drug, but also the brain's dependence on it. Addiction touches every aspect of a person's fiber from physical to cognitive to emotional behavior. So, it only makes sense to explore every issue when addressing a person's substance abuse problem.

The length of stay required at an inpatient drug rehab facility is different for each patient, and it is influenced by the number of days the individual has been using drugs, the level of tolerance the patient has developed for the drug, the underlying issues affecting the reliance on substance abuse to get through each day, and the person's ability to actively participate in the transition needed from drug-dependent to drug-free.

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